The Best Car Insurence Companies All around The World 2019

The best comprehensive car insurance company – GEICO

We recommend GEICO because it offers a comprehensive protection package at some of the cheapest car insurance rates with 24-hour customer service. Based on our research, we found that GEICO has one of the largest discount options on auto insurance for everything from multi-vehicle model policies to emergency positions for active military members. According to its roots as a company made up of government employees, GEICO also offers special savings for potential insureds that are federal or military employees (up to 8-15% of premiums). These reasons help explain why the company is one of the largest insurance companies in the United States, and customers praise it because of the scope of its responsibilities and the large premiums at affordable prices.

The best auto insurance company with agent – Allstate

One of the best features we love about Auto Insurance Allstate is a network of agents. They have experience in various types of auto insurance and interests and benefits. With more than 20,000 sales representatives and 9300 companies throughout the United States, there must be agents within a short distance. As we love it, Allstate has added a series of wise ingredients to its policies with its customers in mind. For example, Allstate offers a guarantee to satisfy the claim of each holder of a document that is not satisfied with the payment of his claim or experience. They also provide incidental forgiveness and safe driving awards as optional features. In general, we recommend that drivers who prefer personal interactions consider Allstate as an insurance company in their cars.

The best auto insurance company for military members – USAA

Our choice of the best car insurance company for military members is undoubtedly the United States Automobile Association (USAA). Time and again, USAA and its affiliates have the cheapest prices we have seen in our studies at this level. Document holders must be active or retired military members (coverage also extends to family members). Apart from reasonable prices and good coverage, USAA offers additional discounts specifically for the military. For example, members of the armed forces who make their vehicles garages on military bases can provide up to 15% of their general coverage. But the best feature is the support network and the community forum organized by the US Agency. UU On their website to help couples and veterans. Members can also access experts with experience in navigation and guidance for military personnel with financial considerations. Customers are constantly congratulated for their excellent customer service and loyalty claims received from representatives, and the company continues to win awards from industry associations such as JD Powers.

The best car insurance company for old drivers (> 50) – AARP / The Hartford

What made our AARP program with Hartford our choice for the best car insurance company for older drivers? Many special and studied benefits that adapt to the lifestyle of adults 50 and older, such as RecoverCare and Long. RecoverCare is a program that facilitates the transition to normal life after a car accident. The insured can pay up to $ 2,500 for assistance in daily tasks such as buying food, cooking, family and gardening. We love that AARP also recognizes that its members receive permanent pensions and retirement income and have worked with Hartford to link annual rates so older people can better plan their budgets. Through attention and attention to the needs of its members, it is not surprising that AARP is our choice of the best company for older drivers.

How to find the best car insurance

Getting the best insurance for your car is getting the correct coverage with the correct limits. If you are looking for the lowest rates and minimum liability coverage, the best auto insurance company for you will be different from the best option for drivers who want complete coverage and better customer service. We will guide you to determine the level or level of protection that is right for you.

Type of coverage correct: standard policies are not enough to protect

Car insurance can be a very confusing scenario with different types of coverage. There are many additional safeguards that can be useful depending on where you live and tranquility.

Type of coverage: standard policies are not enough to protect them

Car insurance in public places can be very confusing with different types of coverage. There are many additional safeguards that can be useful depending on where you live and the peace of mind you need. These are: comprehensive coverage, collisions, medical payments, protection against personal injuries and general insurance.

Do I have to get comprehensive coverage and a collision?

Basically, collision coverage means damage after your car crashes into something, such as your car or hard drive. Universal coverage (also known as OTC) is everything: mother nature and God’s actions for theft and vandalism (more information). Collisions and collisions can be combined, and repairs or replacements can be made at the actual monetary value of the vehicle (market value of the vehicle – residual value).

If this coverage is right for you, it depends on the value of your car and where you live. If you have a new car and live in an area with many storms and a large amount of geese, you may need comprehensive coverage and collisions. However, if you have an old car, the actual cash value paid for your policy may not be equal to the cost of the premium and may be deducted from the coverage. In general, this is not profitable when the current cash value of your car is less than $ 3,000. Compare the annual expenses (premium + discount) with the current cash value to see if it makes sense.

Protection against personal injury vs doctor pays for health insurance.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) covers the costs of medical and psychological care and rehabilitation for you, passengers and drivers who allow it in your car and sometimes lose your pay. This is mandatory in many countries such as New Jersey and New York. MedPay pays a reasonable fee and the doctor considers it necessary, which is optional.

If you have a good health plan with a low discount, you may not need a PIP or MedPay. However, if your discounts are high, consider additional additional costs for PIP and MedPay. One of the advantages of PIP and MedPay is that they include other passengers in their car that may not have health insurance.

Comprehensive coverage: for additional assets and others.

If you have a large amount of financial assets, or regularly participate in activities that can generate liability claims, general protection is the best benefit to add to your coverage. This is the step where the claims and payments of all your other coverages are exhausted, but you still have more damages to pay. Although it is rare, a pile of cars or serious accidents that cause death are types of accidents that can be covered by your general policy. It costs only a few dollars more, but can cause more than millions of protection when there are many losses.

Appropriate limits: cheap prices may not provide the best protection

Purchase of basic policies with minimum financial responsibility. Now you can save your money. However, you risk exposing your assets when the limit of your insurance does not cover damage to the injured party.

So, how much responsibility should you have? As far as possible, the protection is greater or closer to the value of your assets. Add your bank balance, invest in stocks and bonds, pension funds, trust funds, real estate, etc., then look for limits of liability that go beyond you or close to you (more information).

The reason for this is: You have no control over the seriousness of an automobile accident: who is injured or how much you will incur in your medical expenses, and you can know if it is necessary. Car accidents that destroy the fingers of an expert neurosurgeon will hurt you more than ordinary people and your cars can hit other cars.

Get the best insurance coverage for you

In conclusion, the best auto insurance depends on a number of factors: the value of your assets, how much risk you feel and what you want to protect. You must purchase the coverage as much as necessary to ensure that your assets are protected in the event of an accident or other accident. If it is more important for you to get less protection, remember that your assets can be risky.