Pet Health Insurance in California

Pet Insurance California

We proudly offer pet insurance in every zip code in California from San Diego to San Francisco. Whether you have a big, active dog, or a small apartment cat, we offer plans and prices from all the leading pet insurance companies in California! Because we’re 100% independent you can rest assure that we’ll help you find the perfect plan for your pet and your budget.

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

There are two types of pet insurance coverage available in California. Accident & illness coverage is the standard type of coverage. These plans cover any unexpected vet bills like ER visits, surgery, etc. The second type of coverage are called wellness plans and they provide reimbursement for routine care vet expenses like annual visits and vaccinations.

Accident & Illness Coverage

✓ Accidents✓ Illnesses
✓ X-Rays, Blood Tests, etc.✓ Surgery
✓ Hereditary Conditions✓ Hospitalization
✓ Congenital Conditions✓ Prescription Medications
✓ Chronic Conditions✓ Emergency Care
✓ Cancer✓ Specialty Care
✓ Diagnostic Treatment✓ Alternative Treatment
x Pre-Existing Conditionsx Preventative Care

Wellness Plan Coverage

✓ Annual Exams✓ Blood Tests
✓ Vaccinations✓ Microchip
✓ Health Certificate✓ Behavioral Exam
✓ Heartworm Tests✓ Urine Tests
✓ Deworming✓ Fecal Test

What is the Best Pet Insurance in CA?

There are a lot of great pet insurance options in California but some companies are far better than others. Check out this list of the best pet insurance companies based on customer reviews from pet parents just like you.

Pet Insurance by City

When it comes to pet insurance, California is #1. In fact, 14% of all pet insurance quotesgenerated in the U.S. come from the Golden State. Second place goes to your friends in New York at 9% of total pets quoted. Here is a breakdown of the most popular cities in California for pet insurance.

  1. Los Angeles – 20% of all pets quoted
  2. San Diego – 8%
  3. San Francisco – 7%
  4. Sacramento – 4%
  5. San Jose 4%