Cities to travel to in Canada

The Best Cities to Travel to in Canada If You Are Looking To Go on a Holiday Tour

Canada is a land of great wonders, and there are lots of cities to travel to in Canada if you have the time to do so. Although the country is dotted with many wonderful places to visit, there are several places that we believe are the best places to travel to. What are those places in question?

Calgary, in Alberta

If you wonder why we list this place as the first place to visit, then let us tell you that this city is now head of other cities in Canada when it comes to providing the best tourist experience. Host to natural beauty spots and historical places, there is an event that you need to give a look at if you ever found yourself in Calgary in June. That event is called the Calgary Stampede, which is basically a big rodeo that will last for ten days.

For those who do not like rodeos, then there is always other forms of entertainment in the city. Prince Island Park is a good place to visit if you want to enjoy the summer. If not, you can always go on a culinary tour. There are lots of food to eat if your vacation is a culinary one, and you can find a lot of beef-based food here (the two is nicknamed ‘the cow town’ for a reason after all).

Quebec City in Quebec

It would be a sin not to put Quebec City on this list. With its many attractions and historical background, Quebec city is a city for those who enjoy watching everything French. The street made out of cobblestone is the perfect reminiscent of the 17th and 18 centuries France. There is the first French-speaking university here and you will also find the office for the oldest newspaper agency. The food is also great if a bit French here and there.

All in all, a good place for you to visit unless you are British because the place might be too ‘French’ for a Brit’s taste.

Ottawa, Ontario

Again, a slight offensive if there is no Ontario here. Ontario is Canada’s capital city, and as a capital city, you can definitely be sure that there will be LOTS of things to do here.

There is the ByWard market, one of the oldest public markets that Canada got. With lots of stalls on business, you are sure to find something that you have been looking for in here. There is the Chatteau Lafayette, which is the oldest tavern in Canada, good if you are looking for foods and drinks at a reasonable price. The Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica is also a good place to visit if history and religion are the two things that float your boat.

Montreal, Quebec

Montreal is not the best places to visit if you are travelling to see some wonderful sights. However, it is the place to visit if you are looking to get some high-quality Canadian food. The foods here range from Canadian local foods and foods coming from other cultures and countries, so you can spoil your taste bud here.

But that does not mean Montreal does not have places you can visit for the sights. Rue Saint Paul is a historic street that could use a bit of walking on if you are in Montreal. The numerous Underground City malls are wonderful places to visit too if you are in the mood for a bit of shopping.

In the end, those four cities are the cities that you need to put on your travel list. There are still other wonderful cities to travel to in Canada, but we believe that those four will provide you the best travelling experience that you can find.